Κυριακή 5 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Sunday's Playlist: 30/12/2013-5/1/2014

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New year!! That doesn't mean necesserilly new stuff if you don't want to! :P So, let's deep in!

1. Ed Sheeran - The City

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE THIS FREAKING ALBUM!! And for that probably I'll talking about a different song of it every week. I really like this one cause it brings out a different side of Ed, not the cheesy romantic one everyone knows. Variety is good!!

2. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

The same with Mr. Sheeran's album, plus all fans were expecting this album like the arrival of their first child!! And I'm still not over this "it's all about to sex, top to bottom" album, so that means something! ;)

3. Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

I'm one of the biggest Hooligan on this planet, I mean my whole day will be crappy if I don't have some of Bruno's sweet music in my ears! I love how he mixes all those different genres togther, and this song is the best example to describe what I am talking about.

4. Beyonce feat. Jay-Z - Upgrade U

New year, and after a reeeeeeeeeeeeally bad one I think it's time to udgrade everything, your wardrobe, your work, the people around you, yourself... Anything and everything! :P

 5. Inna - In Your Eyes 

Well, New Year's is all about the party, right? So, there's nothing more party material for than the lovely and also sexy Inna. I have a girl-crush, ok? But I can't stop that "dingy dingity, dingy dingity" in my head!!

 6. Robin Skouteris - Pop Love 2

And lastly, this amazing Greek DJ that every year I wait for his "pop of the year mash up" even if it is the last thing that I'll do. It is just amazing, great to listen to when you're getting ready for a big night of dancing, just to get you in the mood.

I hope you'll be interested! Enjoy!


Παρασκευή 3 Ιανουαρίου 2014

BeautyReview: Erre Due Perfect Mat Foundation

Erre Due Perfect Mat

So, here we are with another beauty review, and this week we have this foundation fron Erre Due, a greek make up company. According to the company's site, this product claims that it is "An oil free foundation with a very smooth finish, protects the skin throughout the day due to its SPF 30, goes on smoothly and dries immediately after application, and its velvet finish becomes one with the skin, it is suitable for combination to oily and oily complexions". The product is around 22 euros but the price differs between stores and online shopping beauty sites.

Before we start, a huge applause for Erre Due because it's one of the few brands that give you samples for foundation and for all the shades. And I say that because most companies don't give samples neither let you get some product to test it out. So, huge pron for Erre Due for me!

The Product

The assistant picked for me the shade 03 Vanilla Spice, which turned out to be the perfect match for my skin, it blended bery nicely with the color of my neck. The actual product comes out of the pump very thick, almost like a paste. But after I warm it between my fingers I can feel the velvet finish the ad claims, and it got smoother as long as I was blending it. So I thought it wouldn't be one of those really heavy foundation that would be very diffucult to work with.

 Day 1

The first day that I applied the foundationI applied it over a primer (my Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer to be specific) and I dotted the first layer of foundation on the main points of my face, like my cheecks, nose, forehead, chin and a tiny bit on my neck to check if it was the color for me. Then I massaged it onto my skin to warm up the product and I used a buffing brush to blend the edges. By the first layer I noticed that apart that the color was a good match for my skin, it is a high coverege foundation and I barely needed any concealer for my imperfections like discoloration.

I applied a second layer of it with the same method but probably it was too much for my skin to take it. It didn't dry immediatly as the ad claims, it felt a bit tacky to the touch so I left it for a few minutes before I added anything else on my skin. When it dried it did feel very smooth and velvety on my skin, and it had a pretty matte finish. It did feel a bit heavy, but that was probably my mistake by applying two layers instead of one. I skipped powder all together so that I wouldn't make things worse and due to the fact that my skin looked alright without it.

After 8 hours when I got home and before I removed my make up and I checked it for the last time, the foundation hadn't moved at all. I had a tiny bit of shine on my nose, but that is nothing cause I always get a shine there with any foundation, and my forehead and cheeks were a bit cakey which was again my fault cause of the second layer. But lasting wise, I was very pleased with it. My skin looked matte but still natural, so that's a point as well for this foundation.

Day 2

The second day I used it for a night out with friends, so I did it right this time and used just one layer of foundation. This time thought I used my moisturizer right before I used the foundation to see if I could make the product go to the more dewy side. Again, I didn't use any concealer (apart from under the eyes) or powder on my skin cause I was cevered enough.

After 11 hours, again, the foundation hadn't moved and it look cakey at all. The touch was still smooth and velvety. This time, my skin had a bit of glow to it, meaning that applying your moisturizer before the foundation can still give you that effect. One more point then.

The Result

After all, this foundation is everything the ad claims to be. It is a high coverage and long lasting foundation that will last you well all day if you're a girl on the go like me that wants to do their make up in the morning and just forget about it. I don't recommend it for gals with dry skin because of it matte finish, but for me and my combination to oil complexion is great. Probably you should skip powder with this product or flash photography (cause the SPF 30 that it contains might make your skin look extra white and washed out in photos) and always use a little bit cause it can go a long way with just one punp. You can use it by itself or with a primer underneath it for that perfect matte and natural finish, or you can use your moisturizer before this for that bit of dewiness.

I totally recommend this product, it worths every cent and I will totally buy it for myself as well.

Κυριακή 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2013

Sunday's Playlist: 23-29/12/2013

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New addition to my blog, since I am completely LIVING for music! And I mean that, if there wasn't music in the human life I would most probably be depressed and suicidal!! (hehe, juuuust kidding)

Anyways, let's jump right in it!

1. One Republic - "Counting Stars" & "If I Lose Myself"

The boys are back, and they are back strong!! I haven't got my hands on the whole album yet, but those two songs have been playing non stop in my house.

2. Ed Sheeran's "+" Album

Speaking of album's, I DID get my hands on Mr. Sheeran's first album and I think I'm in love!! After I watched an interesting cover of "No Diggity" and "Thrift Shop" with Passenger I got into thinking that except his "Lego House" I knew nothing else, so I downloaded the album out of curiosity... The rest is history, just GET THAT ALBUM!!

3. Primal Scream - "Rocks"

It's one of those old favorites that you listen once in the radio, and they bring so many memories back (like the first time you skipped school with your friends, that's for me with this one) that you just keep listen to it so much till you get over it again. Moment: Priceless!

4. Luminities - "Do Something"

This song is my jam when I get ready in the morning, just to get you in the mood. The mood that today is the day when you will give solution to all your problems, like pay that bill it's on halt, or call that friend you always meant to call but never had the time. The message? Suck it up and do something!

5. Aloe Blacc & Millow - "Wake Me Up" & "Ayo Technology" Mash Up

I don't know who actually made this mash up (I think it was JuaNn GuerRa in Soundcloud) but let me tell you something... It's addictive. Period.

6. Big Head Todd and the Monsters - "Boom Boom"

Originally by The Oak Ridge Boys, this is one of the many covers of this song, and surely my favorite one!

 7. Angus and Julia Stone - "Big Jet Plane"

Daydreaming overload...!! Aaaah, gotta love a hipster ballad, right?

8.  Skylar Grey - Dance Without You (Ricky Luna Remix)

Yes, I watch dance movies, and yes I love them!! And that was my fave of all, especially that scene with the Mob in the restaurant!! 

9.  Pitbull feat. Ke$ha - "Timber"

Yes, I know... It is a bad song... And it is Ke$ha... But I happen to enjoy Ke$ha and her autotunes for some strange reason, and there ain't a party without a bit of her anyways. So sue me!! 

10. Arctic Monkeys - "One For The Road"

And lastly, my beloved brit boys!! I was full with glee when their new album came out and I've been playing it like a crazy groupie as I am. But I have to admit that from the beginning my most fave was "One For The Road". But generally, the whole album is so good and you get mesmerized by the riffs and Alex's voice so much you'll wish for his babies!!

What songs are you hang up on? Write me in the comments down below!


Σάββατο 30 Μαρτίου 2013

BeutyReview: Maybelline The Falsies Feather-Look

 The whole Falsies line has made a huge rage in the beauty community, just name which one is the best of them (personally, I adore the Black Drama). Now, Maybelline has launched a new mascara for this line, the Feather-Look mascara, which claims to make your lashes feel soft, not heavy at all, but with the same results as the original Falshies. And I am here to give that a test.

Maybelline The Falsies Feather-Look Mascara

The wand

First of all, the wand reminds me of the one that the One-By-One mascara, which I like cause that wand was really helping me getting into the really short lashe that I have.

Also, it's really bendy, like ridiculously bendy, when you apply the mascara you can feel it bend.

At first I thought that wouldn't be really functional because I prefer to have the full control of how much I apply on my lashes, but I reaslised that was the whole trick that your lashes feel vey light. The bendy wand controls how much you apply so that you don't end up with over loaded lashes that most possibly will run during the day.

The consistency

I was really disapponted at this part cause when I opened it for the first time, it was very liquidy, and that's something I truly hate on a mascara. But that's nothing a bit of air can fix, I let it dry a bit and then it was just fine. The only time I had the same problem with a Maybelline mascara was with the original Colossal Waterproof, it was so liquidy that a waterproof mascara would run and make me look like a panda. But it was better after a few weeks when it dried a bit. And that is my main tip, let the Falsies Feather-Look mascara dry a little at first!!

 The result and lasting

My lashes without the Falsies Feather-Look:

My lashes with the Falsies Feather-Look (1st coat):

(2nd coat):


The result is quite nice, it did make my lashes a bit clumpy but if you're into this effect like me it won't bother you a lot. It made my lashes more volumized and a lot more flared (something I wasn't expecting), and indead feels very soft when I touch my lashes.

Would I wear it for a night out? Probably not. Although it gives volume it's not the really dramatic sky-high effect that I want for a night out. But it's a really nice every day mascara for someone that wants defined lashes but nothing over the top.

Over all, I give this mascara a 4/5 (due to the consistency)

I hope you enjoyed it!


Κυριακή 10 Μαρτίου 2013

2013 Spring beauty trends

picture from http://pinterest.com

March is here, so spring is coming, so wardrobes and boudouirs have to be made again, so shopping has to be done, so... AAAAAAAAARGH! Too much stress!! O_o

Anyways, if you narrow down what the trends this spring are, you may have a crearer idea of what suits you best. So, let's dive into them now, shall we?

1. Emerald everything

And I don't mean ABSOLUTELY everything, just a few pops of colors here and there. This rule is not only included in fashion, but also in beauty. An emerald nail polish, a nice smudged green line through the laces makes a big difference.

 2. Matte Lipcolors

photo from ELLE Magazine US

 The colors for this season aren't very restricted, you can put yourself out there with reds and corals and pinks and berries, whatever. But make sure to always keep it matte. I love my LOVIE lipsticks (a brand that no one has ever heard of) and my Maybelline Color Sensationals at the moment for that job!
The trick to have pretty matte lips is to always keep them hydrated, so keep your Liposans with ya and pout those suckers out! :P

3. Natural Looking Lashes

photo from allwomenstalk.com
Those lovely little dark lines of hair that are delicately curled that you see all over the magazines and you wonder: "Why can't I do that?" every time you apply your mascara and it turns out all spikey and clumpy (which is still nice, but a whole different look). Still, it's really easy...
All you have to do after curling your lashes, is to take your mascara wand and with a tissue wipe off the extra product very well. Then apply mascara as usual. A very practical tutorial about this is by the legendary Mary Greenwell, the make up artist of Princess D (just felt like throwing a tutorial as well!)

4. Sixties

And yes, the mod aera is back!! The twinlky bottom lashes, the blackest black eyeliner and the matte skin have always been my faves. The trick is the the eyeliner gets graphic, so you're free to do anything, from Twiggy's iconic look to Lade Gaga's "Judas" liner.
A few examples:

5. Neutral Nails

photo from http://lamourjosie.com
Another pretty trend that everybody loves (and if they don't they just should!) cause it's simple and easy! Adamo has some very nice neutral colors if you can get your hands on any of them (plus, they're really cheap, like 4 euros a bottle) and Essie has a wide range as well for a more professional result, like Figi, Minimalistic, San Tropez, Mucho Dinero and Bangle Jangle.
That's all for today! Have a nice week! :D